Welcome to STAT 100!

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Statistics is the art and science of using sample data to understand something about the world (or a population) in the context of uncertainty. It is the science of learning from data.  The objective of this course is to improve a student's basic understanding of:

  • How to design a study or experiment;
  • How the type of conclusions we draw from data are related to how they were collected;
  • How to create and interpret summaries and graphs that show the salient features of data;
  • Basic concepts of probability - the language of uncertainty
  • How to spot statistical issues in the news and their affect on the veracity of claims made; and
  • How to interpret statistical inferences made by Confidence Intervals and Significance Tests.

overview diagram of the 'big picture' of statistics
The 'Big Picture' of Statistics

Our hope is that after this course you will have developed a solid foundation in basic statistical ideas, learned how to relate those ideas to everyday life, and appreciate the importance of such an understanding.