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Do You Have Any Questions?

We bet that you have lots of them!  But who do you ask? 

Use this flow chart to help you reach out to the person or place that can address your questions.


flow chart to use to direct your questions about STAT 200

1) World Campus Help Desk (call 1-800-252-3592)

You should call the World Campus Help Desk if you have any immediate questions about Canvas.  If you are having any other technical difficulties you can also contact them and they will direct you to the correct support. 

2) WileyPlus Support 

Use this contact if you need technical help with WileyPlus.

3) Minitab Express Support (call 1-814-231-2682)

If you are having issues with your Minitab Express installation or license, you can call them at the number above.

4) Examity Support (call 1-855-392-6489)

If you are having difficulties getting your Examity account set up, scheduling a proctored exam, or taking a proctored exam, you can contact Examity at the number above. If you are able to get into the Examity site from within Canvas, then you can also instant message with support from there.