Lesson 3: Describing Data, Part 2

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This lesson corresponds to sections 2.4-2.7 in the Lock^5 textbook. This week you will be learning how to describe and display data concerning a categorical/quantitative relationship or the relationship between two quantitative variables. In our discussion of the relationship between two quantitative it is assumed that you have a basic understanding of linear equations (i.e., \(y=mx+b\)). For a review of basic linear equations, see 0.1.4 of the online notes.


Lesson 3 Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Construct and interpret a boxplot and side-by-side boxplots
  • Use the IQR method to identify outliers
  • Construct and interpret a scatterplot
  • Compute and interpret a correlation
  • Construct and interpret a simple linear regression model (i.e., one explanatory and one response variable)
  • Compute and interpret residuals from a simple linear regression model
  • Interpret augmented scatterplots and time series plots

* All graph construction and computations will be conducted in Minitab Express