Welcome to STAT 506!

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ampling overviewWelcome to STAT 506!  Hope that you enjoy the course and have a good semester.

This is the STAT 506 online course materials website.  All of the examples, notes, i.e., the lecture materials will all be found on this website.  You may want to make a bookmark for this site.

ANGEL is the other course website that will support our work in this course.  Use the ANGEL discussion forums to pose questions and collaborate with others in this course to find answers.  Contact me using the ANGEL email tool if you have a question that is more personal in nature, otherwise, the discussion forum is the place for our conversation.  My guess is that if you have a question, there are likely others with the same question as well!

ANGEL is where you will find the course schedule, any annoucements, weekly work assignments, exams and the dropboxes for these assignments as well.  I have also placed a copy of many of the datasets that we will use in this course for your convenience as well.

Once again, welcome to STAT 506!