Adobe Connect Guides: Participating in Meetings and Recording Presentations

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What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe connect is an easy to use web conferencing software application hosted by Penn State's Information Technology Services (ITS). Faculty in the Department of Statistics may elect to use this software as a part of the online classes they teach. Instructors may use this web conferencing platform to hold 'virtual office hours', provide review sessions for exams, invite guest speakers to present or to serve any number of other purposes. The full name of Adobe Connect is Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional, formerly called Macromedia Breeze Meeting.

Need to join an Adobe Connect session? Do you want to record a presentation for others in Adobe Connect? Use the guides below to get yourself up and running in Adobe Connect!

Technical Requirements

Before joining a meeting, be sure you meet the following technical requirements:

  • You will want to have a good internet connection.
    • Meetings take up quite a good deal of bandwidth.
  • You will need to have the most recent version of Adobe's Flash Player.
    • You can check your version and get the latest update here.
  • You will need to have speakers or headphones to listen to any audible portions of a presentation or meeting. You will also need a microphone if you would like speak with others during meetings or ask questions to presenters.
    • While your laptop may have a built-in microphone and speakers, it is recommended you use a separate headset and microphone for optimal clarity.

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Participating in a Session

Joining your first virtual meeting session in Adobe Connect is easy. The information below will help you enter a meeting, become familiar with the layout and tools available for observing and participating in meetings and presentation.

The more you time you spend in a meeting room the more comfortable you will become!

Joining a Meeting

To join a meeting, simply click on the link for the Adobe Connect Room that your instructor has supplied for you. There are two options for logging in. Logging in as a 'Guest' simply allows you to participate. Logging in using your Penn State Access Account userid will allow you to be identified within the room and provides you with other permissions depending on how the host has the room configured.

If your browser does not have the proper plug-ins installed: the logging in process will let you know and provide links for obtaining the plugins that you need make the room work for you. Most installs are very quick and can be completed in a few minutes or less.

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The Meeting Room Layout

Within each meeting room there are different sections or areas where different types of activities take place. These areas are called "Pods". The main area is usually where content that may be central to the meeting is shared. There are several pods displayed depending upon the layout your instructor or presenter has chosen.

Click on an image below to view the different layouts you may encounter.

share layout thumbnail

Share Layout

share layout thumbnail

Discussion Layout

share layout thumbnail

Collaborate Layout

Adobe Connect Standard Meeting Layouts

chat thumbnail

The Chat Pod

The other pod to make yourself familiar with is the Chat pod. This is typically where you can type in a question in the bottom text area. When you hit 'return' it publishes your question for all to see.

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Leaving a Meeting

This is easy. To leave a meeting, simply close the browser window (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) or the browser tab containing the meeting room. On a Windows computer, close your browser by clicking on the red X in the upper right corner of the browser window. On a Mac, click the red circle in the upper left of the browser window.

The content of an Adobe Connect meeting room does not change when anyone (including the host) leaves. The only part of the room that changes dynamically is the list of attendees who are currently present in the room.

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Recording a Presentation

You may record a presentation in Adobe Connect only if you have a 'Host' permission status within an Adobe Connect room. While faculty have this status automatically, students will need to be granted 'Host' status. Talk with your instructor about requesting a meeting space with 'Host' status.

Recording a session is something that you get better at with practice - so once you have access - practice, practice, practice!

Preparing for Your Presentation

Most presentations are given using slides prepared in PowerPoint, Keynote, Adobe .pdf or another application or file format. If you have a presentation file prepared, you may want to upload this into the Adobe Connect room. This way the slides are incorporated into the meeting room interface making it easy to present and see the chat window at the same time, for instance, to see if there are questions.

Other presentations use multiple applications or demonstrations so sharing your desktop might make more sense.

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Uploading a Presentation

Adobe Connect Share Document option

Share My Screen dialog menu the with Share Document option selected.

Begin by logging in to the Adobe Connect room using your Penn State Access ID. (Login instructions)

Once you are logged in, click on the little white down arrow in the middle of the Share pod, just to the right of "Share My Screen" and select the "Share Document" option.

This will bring up a dialog box where you can "Browse My Computer" to find your presentation and upload it to the Adobe Connect room. Once it is uploaded, select it and click "OK". This displays the presentation file for all to see.

You can use the right and left arrows in the lower left to go to the next and previous slides.

Remember, you don't have to upload presentation slides in order to present. You can just as easily share your desktop or an application and use this to present. Recording a meeting will record whatever happens on the screen whether you are sharing a presentation file or your desktop.

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Recording Your Presenation

All ready to record? Log in to the Adobe Connect room and test your audio. Start your audio by clicking on the little microphone icon at the top of the meeting room. When your microphone is activated its icon turns green. Your webcam and speaker icons will also turn green when those devices are activate!

 Adobe Connect audio video icons

Audio & Video Icons (Speakers, Microphone, Webcam)

 Adobe Connect audio video icons

Activated (Green) Audio & Video Icons

Headsets usually work best for these types of presentations but many laptops will work just fine. Under the 'Meeting' menu, select the 'Audio Setup Wizard' option and go through these series of checks to make sure you can hear and be heard.

Adobe Connect Record Meeting... option

Record Meeting... menu item

Next, under the 'Meeting' menu, select the 'Record Meeting...' option. You will be given the option to give your recording a title and a short description. It is a good idea to use this space to note who the recording is by and what it is about.

Once this recording name is saved a recording of the session begins right away and records the following:

  • Your voice
  • Any content within the Adobe Connect window
    • This includes all visible 'pods', including the chat pod.
  • All movements or actions you take with your mouse

Your presentation does not have to be limited to sharing a powerpoint presentation. Adobe Connect will record anything you use on your computer screen so opening and using applications such as SAS, Minitab or other software are things to try. Good luck and have fun!

Ready to stop recording?

Under the 'Meeting' menu, select the 'Record Meeting...' option again. This will stop the recording of the session.

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Accessing Your Recording

Where did your recording get saved?

Under the 'Meeting' menu, select the 'Manage Meeting Information' option. This will open up an administrative web page for your Adobe Connect meeting room. Select the link at the top of the page labeled 'Recordings'.

Adobe Connect Recordings link

The Recordings Tab

This will display a list of all of the recordings saved from this room. 

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Sharing Your Recorded Presentation

By default all recordings are private. No one will be able to view your recording unless you make them public. Check the box to the left of your recording title and then click the 'Make Public' button above to make it public or 'Make Private' to set the lock again.

Making recordings public

The Make Public and Make Private Buttons

If you are not happy with your recording you can check the box for your recording and click the 'Delete' button in this window.

Where's the URL for your recording?

Click on the title of your recording and information for this recording is displayed. Here is where you are given the URL for your recording. It is usually in the form:

If you have made the movie public, then you can copy and paste this URL into an email or into Canvas in order to share this with others.

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Finishing a Recording Session

Close the meeting room!

Once your recording session is finished please click the "Stop Sharing" button or your presentation will be displayed for whoever is the next person to enter the room.

To exit the Adobe Connect meeting room altogher, just click on the "X" in the upper right hand part of the screen or under the "Meeting" menu select the "Exit Adobe Connect" option.

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Additional Help

Want more help with Adobe Connect? The following resources are a great place to find more information, tips, and tricks for making the most out of your experience with Adobe Connect!

Meeting@PennState Penn State maintains a site dedicated to its Adobe Connect support. This site includes resources such as guides, videos, and direct contact support.
Adobe TV icon Here is a link to a movie from Adobe Connect TV that will walk you through 'Recording a Meeting' and underneath this movie on that same page are a host of other recordings that you might find of interest. icon You can also connect to a number of online tutorials from that will walk you through how to use the Adobe Connect application.  Penn State has a license with that provides all faculty, staff and students with access to materials.

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