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Penn State provides a host of resources to every Penn State student.  Here are some pages that we think might be of particular interest to our online students.

Penn State Information and Resources

The pages that follow provide specific information that you can skim through quickly.  Perhaps something will catch your eye that you might want to investigate further.  Use the links below or those on the left.

Academic Integrity Statement

All Penn State students must abide by the policies and guidelines related to academic integrity and plagiarism.  We expect great things from all of our students.  All instances of negative behaviors are dealt with promptly following the policies and guidelines established by Penn State University and the Eberly College of Science.

Penn State Libraries and Professional Resources

As an online student you are very much eligible to take advantage of the Penn State Libraries.  Find out how and find out who the contacts are when you have a question!

Penn State World Campus Student Services

Penn State has been successfully offering education at a distance since 1892.  One big reason for this success is because of the work of the folks in Student Services. From financial aid to technology support to career services, students are all encouraged to take advantage of the vast expertise they have gained over the years.  They have recently received recognition for their work with students in the military.  If you have not logged into your World Campus portal, follow the link to find out how.

What every student needs to know about ITS

There are a handful of valuable resources that every student will want to take advantage of while they are at Penn State including your ITS Profile, PASS space and other file storage options, web publishing, software amd others.  This page offers you a quick listing of services to check out!

Penn State PASS Space and WebFiles


Academic Calendars

When is the first day of classes?  What does the drop/add period end?  The Penn State calendars are a page that every student visits at one point or another!

Search World Campus Catalog for Online STAT Courses

Want to find out when our STAT courses will be offered online?  Ready to enroll?  This link will take you to the Course Catalog at the Penn State World Campus web site.  Use 'STAT' for the Course Abbreviation and all of our courses will be displayed!