0.6 - Summary: Your Online Learning Experience

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The Department of Statistics is proud to be able to offer these opportunities to learn online to individuals who otherwise might not be able to take advantage of taking a course or getting an advanced degree. We hope that the approach that we take will help you build your understandings and experience base in positive ways.

Having worked through this Orientation module you should now have a good idea as to how our online courses are delivered and the role that students play throughout the semester.  Being all online you should understand that there are a number of technologies and internet resources that will be central to your success with the program.  As a result, you should see the need to check the computer set up so that you have all hardware, software and internet connection in place before any classes start.  If you have any questions about any of this technical information, please do not hesitate to reach out to the contacts listed within the orientation. 

Also, you should know that once you get your PSU Access Account userid, there are a host of resources available to all Penn State students, this includes through World Campus.  Take advantage of these! 

And, finally, if you have any questions about our courses, the program or any questions related to your program of study or the technology, please do not hesitate to contact some one here at Penn State, in the Department of Statistics, or at one of the various Help Desks online.

Quick Tutorials

You will notice a 'Quick Tutorials' section of the website that follows this Orientation.  These quick tutorials focus on some of the specific applications that are either used regularly in our online courses or tools or methods that we think will come in handy.  Check them out!  They are organized in terms of:

  • Communicating Online with others
  • Working with Digital Documents, and
  • Statistical Software.


Orientation Quiz

See your Canvas course space!


suggestion boxProgram Suggestion Box

Just like you, we are committed to continuing to learn. For this reason, the Department of Statistics welcomes comments from its online students for the purposes of helping to maintain the highest standards of quality. Your comments may include:

  • suggestions for something new the program might consider,
  • suggestions that will help direct our attention to something you think we should address, or
  • words of encouragement that will help to keep us moving forward!


If you have any questions about these materials, please do not hesitate to contact Glenn Johnson, Instructional Designer, Department of Statistics.