Answering a File Upload Question in a Canvas Quiz

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Online STAT courses may use a Canvas Quiz and the File Upload question type for Assessments, Quizzes or Exams.  This allows us to apply a timer.  Doing so ensures that all students in the class have the same amount of time to complete the activity.

How does it work?

1. Even before you click the 'Take the Quiz' button, you can read the instructions for the activity such as how much time you have, the number of points, etc.

2. Once the Quiz is open you will be presented with a question that will give you access to download the file.  In the example below you can see that you can now click and download the file 'Assessment 1' to your own computer.

Upload the assessment file

3. You open the file - usually a Word document - and work to type in your answers in this file.  

Note! You may close your browser if you want. However, remember the timer is still ticking!  Even if you logged off or shut down your computer - the timer is still ticking, expecting you to complete your work and upload the file within the time limit.

4. Once your work is completed in the Word document, save a copy of the file to your computer.  It is always a good idea to include your name or userid as part of the file name.  (Imagine if you were the instructor who gets 20+ files with all the filenames the same!)

Ready to upload? To answer a file upload question, click the Choose a File button. Canvas will open a file dialog box where you can locate the file on your computer.

Click the Choose file button and upload your file

Select the file and it will be uploaded as your answer.


5. Canvas will confirm that your file has been uploaded. You can also remove your file by clicking the remove 'X'  icon and submit a new file instead if selected the wrong file by mistake.

Confirmation from Canvas for upload success

6. Once you see the confirmation from Canvas that your file has been successfully uploaded, you can navigate to the bottom part of the page and click the 'Submit Quiz' button.

You are all set!