Helpful Hints for Taking a Quiz in Canvas

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One of our online students asked a good question and after looking into this I thought it would make sense to share what I found out with everyone.  While these might not be as obvious as they could be, these tips can come in handy!

True / False questions are usually short and concise.  Essay questions can be quite lengthy and sometimes have many parts.  If you find yourself scrolling to see the all parts of the question, and your answer here are a few ways to give yourself a bit more 'real estate' to work with in Canvas.  Here is a short video that demonstrates a few tips:

So, remember:

  • Pancake stack - toggles navigation
  • Arrow icon - minimizes Canvas's power strip
  • Triangular friction strip - drag to give you more room to write write your essay
  • Question list - jump to the questions you have not answered

Good luck!  

And thanx Brian!