Piazza: Discussions and Q&A Made Easy!

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Online class discussions are improving with Piazza! Your instructor may have elected to use Piazza for holding class discussions, question and answer forums, or group work. The Piazza communication tool offers a robust interface for your coursework. Below are some tips and illustrations to help you quickly familiarize yourself with the interface and get started using Piazza!

Piazza's Great Features

Screenshot of a real STAT 480 course in Piazza's mobile app for iOS.

Piazza offers many great features for students and instructors. Below are some key features that set Piazza apart from other discussion methods you may have used before:

  • Piazza has a free app available for mobile devices both for iOS and Android!
    • Keep up with discussions while you're on-the-go!
  • Folders, tags, and an easy-to-use search function help to keep the discussions organized.
    • You can find a question faster!
  • Questions can have a single answer with many student contributors using the "wiki" style "Student Answer".
    • Less scrolling through nested responses!
  • Mathematical concepts can be easily added to questions and answers using the built-in LaTeX equation editor.
    • Can't figure out where you went wrong? Type your problem out in an easy-to-read digital format!
  • Anonymous posting allows shy students to post questions for help.
    • Don't be embarrassed! Ask your question to other students anonymously!
  • NEW!  Piazza is now integrated into Canvas! (Fall 2017)

Use the image below to get a sense of the look and feel of Piazza discussions. The images highlight some icons that will make searching through discussion posts easier and faster. If you don't see a question that you are looking for, you can search for it directly or post a new question!

Sample user interface for Piazza's Question & Answer view

Participating in an online class is easy with Piazza. The Piazza website has demo classes set up so that you can see how it works. Head over to the Piazza website and check it out!

The Piazza website also has a great support area if you are unsure how to use Piazza!