Zoom - Meetings and Recording Presentations

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Zoom is an online service that will allow you to hold HD online meetings with others. You can either hold a Video Meeting, which uses your webcam as the focal point, or a Shared Screen Meeting, which allows you to select your desktop or a single application, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, as the focal point of the meeting.

Zoom also allows you to easily record and share a presentation from within a meeting. Follow the short guide below to get started!

Getting Started with Zoom

To host your meeting, your first step is to go to the Zoom website: http://zoom.us and sign up for a Free Account. You may sign up using an already established Google account or Facebook account, or you may create a new Free Account by clicking on the Sign Up link on the login page and filling out the form.

NOTE:  Penn State is currently piloting this application.  You might want to sign in to your account with Penn State at http://psu.zoom.us.)

Login and Begin Your Meeting

To start a meeting, select an option under the Host a Meeting button.

Once you have your account established, log in to the service using the Login link on the Zoom website. This will bring you to your My Meetings page.

From the My Meetings page, click on the Host a Meeting button at the top of the page and choose which type of meeting you'd like to hold!

  • Host a Meeting Options
  • Host a Screen Share Meeting — Allows you to hold a meeting centered around an application on your desktop.
  • Host a Video Meeting — Allows you to hold a meeting centered around your webcam video feed.


If you have already installed the applicaiton and are signed in to Zoom, when you click the type of meeting you wish to hold Zoom should automatically start your meeting!

If you are opening the Zoom applicaiton installed on your computer, you may see the control panel window. You can start a meeting from the control panel by clicking on the type of meeting you want to host!

The next screen will ask you to download the Zoom application. If you have not downloaded the application previously, click the big Download button and install the applicaiton when it has finished downloading.

Otherwise, click the small Start Meeting link to begin.

At this point, you should be in your meeting! Below is a screenshot of the Screen Share Meeting. If you selected this meeting type, you should see a similar screen.

meeting screenshot

Screen Share Meeting host screen.


Recording a Presentation

To begin recording:

Once your meeting has started, at any time you can record your voice and what it taking place on your screen. Simply click on the Record button in the control bar on the meeting screen.

To stop recording:

When you are finished, click on one of the two Stop Recording buttons at the top of the meeting window or in the control bar.


Saving and Sharing Your Recording

When your presentation is over and you have stopped your recording, you must first end the meeting. To do this click on the Stop Share button. Then select the End Meeting For All option. This will close out the meeting.

If there was a recording, the Zoom application will process this recording and present a dialog box for a location on your local computer to save this recording.

Alternatively, Zoom may save the recording to a default folder automatically after closing the meeting. This folder, typically named Zoom will likely be located in your My Documents folder for Windows users or the Documents folder on a Mac.

Recordings are saved in a .mp4 format, which is a fairly standard video format. Right-click on the file and select properties to find out how large the recording file is.

If the recording is 10 MB or less, you may then upload this file to Canvas.

Keep your recordings short and to the point. Recording applications instead of the entire desktop is another way to keep the file size down of our finished recording.

If the recording is greater than 10MB, Penn State has external storage available to all students. The storage service, Box, allows students to store and share files with others. Students have 50GB of space to upload videos, documents, and more. Sharing your files is as easy as sending someone a link to the file!

For more information about Box at Penn State, visit: box.psu.edu

That's all there is to getting set up and recording your presentation using Zoom! Do a few practice runs and you will easily get the hang of recording and sharing your presentations from Zoom!